As the fall weather starts to occur, you will want to make sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming months. Make sure that you bring it in for regular maintenance and inspections. If you are not sure when this should occur, always make sure that you contact us. We can advise you on a schedule so your vehicle is going to be the most efficient and up to date on maintenance. The fall is a great time to check over various parts and components before the colder temperatures of winter arrive. Checking it now will prevent issues later as well.

Oil Changes before the Weather Changes

Check to see when the last oil change schedule was. If it is overdue or you cannot remember, make sure to have it done now. This way the new fresh oil can keep the engine operating properly and efficiently. The oil will lubricate the engine and other parts. This will then prevent any issues of it wearing against one another or causing strain and stress to the engine. If the oil change is ignored, you will do damage to the engine. This can also cause the engine to seize up completely and fail on you.

Tires Need Inspections

The tires will also need to be checked regularly too. You will always want to make sure each tire has the proper air pressure in them. If they get low often, bring it in so we can inspect them for any damage or cracks. You will also want to have the tires inspected to see how the tread is wearing this fall. If the tread is uneven, you may want to consider having them rotated or aligned. This will help the tread to wear correctly, and keep the tires lasting as long as possible. If you are not sure if there is an issue, make sure to schedule an appointment.