The winter can bring new challenges to both you and your car. First, you will have to change some driving habits you have. It is important to slow down and be aware of the road conditions. If the roads are slick, icy, or snow covered, you will want to maintain a safe speed. Never go faster than you are comfortable going. This can cause you to have an accident. Also, you might over correct the steering or brakes, and go in the ditch. Be safe, and relax, so make sure to take roads and drive the speed that you are most comfortable with. Also it is recommended to check the weather conditions before you leave. This can help you to prepare for the type of weather you will be driving into.

Tires in Winter

The tires should always be checked regularly. In the winter though, the tires should be inspected more often. This is because the colder temperatures will increase the chance of air being lost from the tire. Also be aware if your vehicle has aluminum rims. These can also increase the chance of lost air pressure during the cold winter months. You should also not rule out any issues with the valve stem of the vehicle. Air can disappear from a poor valve stem as well. If you notice that the tire needs air every few days, make sure to bring the vehicle in, and we can check the tires for you.

Tire Care

Proper rotations and alignments will also benefit tires. This helps them to wear more evenly, and for all four. If there is ever an issue of a tire wearing more than the rest, make an appointment with us. We will inspect the vehicle and tires. Doing so can help determine what course of action should be taken for your vehicle. This can help you to have a safe and reliable ride this winter.