Thousands, if not millions of car owners are itching to get their cars on the road, and as summer comes closer they are preparing to get their vehicle out from their respective storage. On the surface, it may seem like your car is ready to go on the road, but there is a good chance that it has some problems. The good news is that looking for these issues is relatively straightforward, and that is precisely what we will discuss in this piece.

Before we proceed, however, keep in mind that showing your car to a renowned auto repair service is arguably the best way to find any faults in your car.

Follow This Checklist before Taking Your Vehicle out After Months of Storage

Visual Checks

Check your car and engine bay for fluid leaks and other similar warning signs. It would also help if you checked the hoses and electrical wires, looking for things like deterioration and cracks. Take a wrench or screw driver to all of the clamps making up your fuel system for making sure they’re tight. A detailed visual check on essential mechanical parts will help you start your car before you go out for a drive.

Battery Inspection after Storage

The battery, along with the engine is essentially the heart of your car. If you used a tender or maintainer for the battery, double check the battery to see if it is charged. In case it isn’t, make sure you check it right away. Starting your car with a drained battery can be quite dangerous and could cause further damage if you don’t address the issue.

Check the Engine Oil

Check the dipstick inside your car to find out whether it contains sufficient oil. If you think the oil is too low, waste no time in adding it. Some people also make the mistake of not replacing old oil. This can severely damage your engine, and may ruin your entire car in the process. If you don’t have much experience with car maintenance, consider getting help from a professional auto repair service to check the engine oil for you.

After storage, check the brakes

Check your brakes to make sure they have a sufficient amount of rotor and pad material. It would also help if you look at your car’s suspension elements. After doing your due diligence for making sure your vehicle is in ideal condition, you can go ahead and fire your vehicle up and go for a long ride.