The winter means you will have to drive on snow and ice. If you are not aware of what the road conditions might be, you could be driving on poor roads unexpectedly. Before you travel, make sure that you check what the weather conditions are and might be. If it is less than ideal weather, you will also want to check the road conditions. This can help you to know if you should slow down when driving. Always make sure you drive a speed that you are comfortable at. If the roads are slick, remember to slow down. Also leave enough space between other cars and snow plows. This will help with visibility as well.


Keeping the vehicle maintained will help ensure parts are in the best condition possible. You will not want to have an unexpected breakdown, especially during the winter. Make sure that you have the tires properly inspected. This should also include checking the tread wear. The tread will help you to maintain control of the vehicle and have better handling. Without tread, you may notice the vehicle has extremely poor handling on slick roads. You can check the tread by taking a penny and placing it upside down in the tread groove. The tread is low if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head.

Air Pressure

Also make sure that you check the air pressure in each tire. Sometimes the rims can increase the chance the tire loses air. The stem valve should also be inspected if you notice the tire losing air at a more frequent pace. By bringing the vehicle in, we can inspect the tires for you. You will want the tires to always be at the correct amount for air pressure when you drive. This will help the ride, tires, and rim of your vehicle.