warm air

With summer comes the hot humid temperatures, so the last thing you want is to have the interior of the vehicle to be hot as well. As the air conditioner is flipped on, within a minute or two, cold air should start to come out of the vents. When the air conditioner becomes less efficient, then warm air will be blown out instead. If this occurs, always make sure to contact us for an appointment. That way we can inspect the whole system and repair what the issue may be. Ignoring it will only make the problem worse, and continue to reduce the amount of cool air that is produced.

Warm air can be from a leak

One of the reasons why the air conditioner is not working properly is that there might be a leak in the system. If the hoses have worn and become brittle, a small crack or hole has probably happened. This will result in refrigerant being leaked out. As this happens, there is less available to ensure cold air is produced for the interior of the vehicle. Also remember to look under the vehicle, if you notice a puddle under the vehicle, this will indicate a leak. The best thing is to have this looked at and repaired as soon as possible.


Also remember that the compressor should be free of any debris or build up of leaves. These can restrict the airflow around it when it operates. As the compressor runs, the fins can become damaged or bent. This will also result in it not being able to have cold air running through. The compressor can be a fragile part, so make sure to have a certified technician look at it. If it becomes damaged by checking it yourself, the only option is to replace it with a new or recycled one. If there are any signs of problems from the air conditioner, always contact us for an appointment!