When you own a vehicle, you may know that going to regular maintenances is important. This will help it to operate efficiently when you drive. You can also inspect the vehicle yourself for any signs of an issue starting to form. When inspecting your vehicle, remember to check under the hood. There are a number of fluids working in your vehicle all the time that have a specific task for the vehicle. Over time, they will decrease as they work and also become dirty. At some point, the fluids become so dirty that they are no longer doing their job. Since they are exposed to heat and friction, many vehicle fluids break down. Many fluids used in a vehicle are toxic, so proper handling and disposal is critical. In addition, using the wrong type of fluid can damage vehicle components. Vehicle maintenance should always be a high priority. Vehicle fluid checks are a big part of that process and must be done on schedule.


The fluids in the vehicle serve as lubrication for parts or regulate vehicle temperature. The oil keeps the engine lubricated, prevents overheating, and also keeps the engine clean by carrying away debris. A combination of water and a coolant can keep your radiator from overheating. The mixture is typically 50% water and 50% coolant. The coolant will also prevent the water from freezing in winter. Transmission fluid works as a lubricant too, but also serves a very different purpose. It provides the pressure or force to actually operate the components of your transmission. There is fluid in the power steering system that enables the smooth operation of the system and provides the same application of force or power as the transmission fluid. To help keep the vehicle operating at top performance levels, make sure to bring it in on a regular basis. We can advise you on the proper schedule for your vehicle in order for it to run efficiently. This can help to have a safe and pleasant drive this winter.