Having regular oil changes done for your vehicle are important to follow. Check in the vehicle owner’s manual to ensure that these are properly done based on the recommended schedule. You can also contact us and we can advise you on when oil changes should be done. If these are ignored, the engine of the vehicle can become damaged. Other parts of the vehicle can have issues that start to form as well. When an oil change is performed, we can also give the vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection to ensure other parts are efficient.

Regular oil changes

The oil will properly lubricate the engine. Remember to never run a vehicle if it has no or low oil in it. This can cause the parts and gears to have extra wear and stress on them. It can also lead to further damage in the long run for your vehicle, as well as a costly repair bill. Driving without oil will cause the engine to seize up and fail completely. So always make sure to have an extra quart of oil so you can add some if you notice it is low when driving.

Also remember to check under the vehicle after it has been parked for a length of time. Doing so will help determine if there is oil leaking from any hoses. If the oil is leaking, even slightly, make sure to contact us to schedule an appointment. This will eventually become worse and cause larger problems. As the oil is inspected and changed, we can also check the hoses to make sure there are not any cracks in them. Also, the oil filter will be replaced. Over time, dirt and pollutants from the oil will become collected in the filter. This will require it to be changed so it will allow the fresh clean oil through. It will also help your vehicle to be reliable on the road.