When you drive on the road, always make sure that you are avoiding any potholes or objects that might damage your vehicle. If you hit even small things like pieces of wood, rubber, or other unknown objects, you can damage the tires. This can sometimes cause the tires to become slightly damaged and scratch the sidewall. It may also lead to them blowing out as well as you drive. Even if it is just a small object, there could be hidden nails that will blowout your tire. You will always want to avoid these, but also do not cross lanes of traffic.


Potholes on the road


If you encounter a pothole on the road, make sure to avoid it if you can. Always drive safe and also avoid swerving and crossing lanes or hitting vehicles around you. Hitting a pothole is sometimes unavoidable, so you will want to slow down the speed you are driving as you approach one. When you hit one at a slower speed, you will reduce the chance of significant damage to your vehicle as well. Not only will it reduce damage to the tires, but it will decrease the chance of an issue for the suspension and alignment as well.

Check the vehicle over


When you hit a pothole, always make sure to check the vehicle over once you stop at your destination. Check for any signs of bulges or damage marks to the tires. You will also want to notice how the vehicle’s steering wheel placement is. If it is not straight when you a driving straight, there could be an alignment issue. You will always want to make sure to bring your vehicle in at the first sign of this. We can inspect the vehicle and align the tires if they need it.