Before you drive to your next vacation or getaway, make sure you inspect the vehicle properly. It is also recommended that you bring the vehicle in so we can professionally look at it for you. Proper planning is a key to any long road trip. With that in mind, there are some basic ways that we must check to make sure our vehicle is ready to handle our journey. Vehicles should always have a few major external components inspected for proper function. Make sure to check the lights on the vehicle regularly. This will help improve your visibility when you drive. By making sure the lights are working correctly, others will be able to see you as well.


The Headlights should be Checked Regularly

No matter where you are going, in night or day, having the option of headlights is a benefit without modesty. Headlights on a vehicle are used for seeing, but also for being seen. Headlights are great for seeing the road ahead, but they’re also valuable because they let the driver be seen by more of the road, be it drivers or animals that happen to share the road. This allows the driver the confidence to know that he is both seeing and beings, which is one of the biggest ways to prevent safety accidents. Another big reason to verify that headlights work is that having one that does not work at night can get a person a ticket in many states. It is also recommended to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect the lights for you.

Remember to Check the Taillights

Brake Lights should be checked every time before a person goes anywhere, road trips just happen to be a great example of the true importance of them. Brake lights should work on both sides, and have many components. In many vehicles, the rear turning signals and the brakes are in the same area of the lights. Also in that area is often the rear backup lights. Making sure that each set of lights works is another safety tip for the road. Like headlights, having a brake light that does not work is likely to get a person a ticket if pulled over.

Tire Pressure is Important

The wheels of a vehicle are the first part that gives a tire connection to the actual road surface itself. Tire pressure plays a huge roll in traffic accidents because often it is something such as over inflation or under inflation that causes a tire to blowout. Checking tire pressure is as easy as getting a small gauge from an auto repair shop and looking up in your owner’s manual what the pounds per square Inch should be of your vehicle’s tires. If you do not have your owner’s manual, you can often open your driver’s door or your glove box and find a data plate that usually will say what these things are. Having proper air pressure can help make your vehicle safe and reliable when you drive.