To save fuel efficiency and mileage, there are a few tips to follow. This helps to save money at the pump, as well as wear and tear on various components of the vehicle. One of the best ways to reduce fuel being used is to turn on the cruise control. This will help maintain the speed when driving, without the fluctuation of it increasing or decreasing. Changing the speed when driving can often lead to fuel being burned and wasted. Another benefit of having the cruise control on is that the chance of speeding is significantly reduced. This will improve the safety when driving on the road.

Save on Gas when driving

When driving around the Minneapolis and St Paul area, you will encounter various road conditions. Some will be ideal, while others may be full of potholes. No matter what type of road you drive on, always make sure to have the tires inspected regularly. The first thing is to check the air pressure. Even a slight loss of air pressure will result in poor fuel mileage when you drive. If a tire constantly is going low, there may be a leak or puncture in it. Eventually this will get worse, so always make sure to bring the vehicle in for us to inspect. Also remember to check the tread wear, especially if you notice poor control when driving.


To have the best fuel efficiency, make sure to have the recommended oil the vehicle needs. Each vehicle is different, but has a recommended oil that will allow it to perform at top performance levels. Remember to follow oil change schedules, so fresh clean oil will lubricate the engine. Without it, the engine will start to have extra strain. It will also need to burn more fuel in order to operate the vehicle. If there is an issue with the vehicle, always contact us for an appointment.