There are many ways drivers can become distracted. Cellphone use is the most common distraction there is when you drive. This includes talking on the phone, texting, emailing, using snapchat, or just checking the internet. There are also several other distractions that you might be aware of and they can pose a threat. Multitasking should not be done while you are driving. Make sure to use the phone before or after you drive. By concentrating on driving you can provide a safe and pleasant driving experience.



Distracted driving is defined as any activity that could divert your attention away from the task of driving. If you are distracted, it increases the chance for an accident. You may also be distracted for an issue with your vehicle. If you mess with the radio or have it too loud, you may not notice if the vehicle starts to make warning noises. If strange noises are ignored or not noticed, it can lead to an unexpected breakdown over time. It will also result in a costly repair bill. The cellphone is not the only way you may become distracted. Messing with the radio or GPS can take your mind off driving as well. Any task you do that requires you to take your eyes off the road for even a second is considered a distraction. The longer your eyes are off the road, the great the chance for an accident to occur.



When driving, pay attention to the road, traffic, and those around you. This can help to alert you to any issue that might come up while driving. By watching the road and traffic, you will be able to notice heavy traffic and stopped traffic. This can allow you to ease into a slower speed rather than having to slam on the brakes. Stomping on the brakes can cause faster wear and tear to the brake system. Slamming on the brakes traveling at a faster speed will also take the vehicle a longer distance to stop. By paying attention to the road, you can also notice if something jumps out on the road like an animal. This can allow you to react immediately to the situation. By being distracted, there is an increased chance you will hit it. If you need to use the GPS or navigational system, be sure to do so before driving. This can help decrease the chance you will become distracted as you drive.