Turning on the air conditioner for your car now will help determine if it needs maintenance done for it. It may be cool at first, but then it will starts to operate, it will start to blow warm air out of the vents. You will want to make sure that it can provide nice cool air for you during the summer months. If you are not sure if the air conditioner is working properly, contact us for an appointment. We will be able to check the entire system for any issues it might have. Having the system ready to operate before you need it will help prevent issues in the long run with it.


Checking the cabin filter is also an important task to do. Many people do not realize that all vehicles made after the year 2000 have cabin filters in them. As these are replaced, you will notice better air quality in the interior of your vehicle. It will also help to make it easier to breathe for you and your passengers. If they air is stuffy or hard to breathe, the cabin filter may need to be replaced. When the air conditioner is inspected, we can also check the cabin filter as well for the vehicle. We can also replace it if it is clogged and no longer efficient.

Turning on the A/C

If you have already used your air conditioner, be aware of how it is operating. If it is cutting in and out and blowing hot air at times, you will want to schedule an appointment with us. That way we will inspect the entire air conditioning system. Fixing an issue now will help prevent further issues. It will also help to have a cool and comfortable vehicle for you and your passengers when you drive this summer.