Before you hook up your trailer or boat to tow, make sure your vehicle is maintained. By having it inspected, you can help ensure that you can tow this spring. There also will be a difference in how your vehicle handles.


Changing Speed

The first difference you may notice when towing a boat trailer is how much longer it takes you to accelerate when compared to driving the same vehicle without a load in tow. The added weight of the trailer or boat makes the rig heavier and therefore harder to get up to speed. The weight factor also contributes to the second difference you will note when towing a trailer. You will notice how much harder it is to slow down or stop. Even if the trailer is equipped with surge or electric brakes, stopping distances will be longer. You will need to factor in how far it takes to slow or stop when driving, and adjust accordingly.

Turning your vehicle

Also, turning with a boat trailer in tow is different. Your extended vehicle will not corner as sharply as does the vehicle alone. Since the trailer’s wheels are drawn closer to the inside of a turn than the wheels of your tow vehicle during the maneuver. The trailer’s tires will hit or ride up over curbs if you do not widen taking the corner. When approaching a turn, position your tow vehicle on the outside of the lane to allow make the wide turn. Don’t cut your steering wheel until your vehicle’s rear wheels have passed the inside curb.

The Wind

Wind is another factor that influences towing more than just the vehicle. Large vehicles develop a wave of high-pressure air in front of them and a low-pressure area behind as they speed down the highway. When passed by a big truck on the left, first your trailer and then your tow vehicle may be pushed to the right by the vehicle’s bow wave. Once the truck passes, your rig may be sucked back to the left by the low-pressure zone that follows the vehicle. Unless you are ready for the sudden shifts, with both hands on the wheel and prepared to compensate by steering a bit left then a bit right during the passing process, it can be sudden. It is also helpful to have your vehicle properly maintained. If you have any questions, make sure to contact us so we can inspect your vehicle.