When you drive your vehicle, always remember to check the tires before taking any long trips or vacations. The first thing you will want to check is the air pressure. Having the correct air pressure will help prevent the tires from blowing, or picking up sharp objects. Proper inflation also helps the vehicle to handle smoothly on the road. If the vehicle is pulling in one specific direction, check the tires on that side. If the tires are getting low, you may notice poor handling and pulling in that direction.

Tire Alignment for Proper Handling

Remember that tire alignments are also important. This helps the tires to travel straight and correctly as well. If the alignment is off, you may notice the vehicle pulling one way or the other. This will make it harder to steer and keep straight when you are on the road. If the tires are not aligned, then the tread will not wear evenly either. Since the tread is needed to help keep proper grip on the road, you may notice the vehicle sliding at times when the roads are wet. If you notice that the tread is not wearing evenly, contact us and we can inspect the tires for you. We can also help to advise a correct alignment schedule for them.

Check the Tires

Remember to check the rubber for any damage, cracks, bulges, or blisters that might occur on them. This can lead to further problems if it is not taken care of quickly. The last thing you will want is an unexpected breakdown. If there is an issue with the tires, then you run the risk of the vehicle no longer being safe or reliable. You can bring the vehicle in and we can fully inspect the vehicle and tires for you.