Tire Replacement Driving on tires that are running close to their lifespan can be very dangerous. Even in the best of conditions, the tires can lead you to an accident if they are not in the best shape. Hence, when you drive you tires in unfavorable conditions, it can lead to a severe outcomes resulting in injuries, or even fatality. This is why it is essential that you keep a check on your tires condition and make sure that it is in excellent running condition.

There are many ways you can properly inspect your car tires and check whether they are in good running condition. Tires are mainly rubber in material, so you have to take into account that rubber is malleable, and under certain temperatures, the rubber compound can respond by changing its dexterity and shape.

Therefore, overtime environmental and road damage can affect the tread quality of the tire. The treads of a tire are essential. They provide the car with grip and traction on the road, which also makes them contributors to the handling and braking of the car. After plenty of usage, the tire treads tend to wear off and this vastly impacts their depth.

Check Tread Depth

Checking whether your tires tread depth is optimum is impossible by looking at it from a naked eye. This is because the falls of tread depth in only a millimeter drop in height. The best way to measure tread depth is by using the tread measuring tool. However, if you do not have a measuring tool, you can always use a quarter.

The quarter technique is one that is tried and tested, and can work just as well as a tread measuring tool if you want to find out whether your tire treads are in good working condition. All you have to do is push George Washington’s head on the quarter, inside the grooves, and then check whether you his head is visible or not.

If George Washington’s head is clearly visible, this means that the tread has lost depth, and you may need to replace the tires with new ones. On the other hand, if you cannot see the head of George Washington, and the top of his head is being intercepted by the walls of the grooves, this is a positive indication that your tires are still usable.

Tire Replacement and the Tread Wear

Another way you can identify whether your tire needs replacement is to look for tread wear indicators. These are ribs that run inside the grooves and run across the tire surface. If the tread wears down to that level, then you know that it is time for a replacement. However, you have to bear in mind that deeper groves can actually help the car gain more road traction when the surface is slippery and snowy.

As you can see, tire treads are the primary aspects of the tire. They are most important, and the ones that you have to pay most attention towards.