Before you start your car, you need to turn on the engine. A car battery’s primary function is to kick-start the engine. However, if the battery, for any reason, fails to power the engine, your car won’t start. During summer, the battery does not have to exert more pressure, but winter can be challenging as it slows down chemical reactions. To avoid such situations, you need to stay alert and visit Parents Autocare in Minneapolis, MN, before temperatures drop. They will inspect your car and fix all issues that can potentially cause battery failure.

Your Car’s Battery Has a Life

Lead batteries are cost-effective and convenient to use for cars. That is why many car manufacturing companies use lead batteries in their car models. The battery consists comprise a plastic container with lead plates in a mixture of water and sulfuric acid.

Lead batteries generate initial charges with the help of chemical reactions. These batteries produce a charge. The chemical reaction takes place through the electrolyte solution, forming a cell with positive and negative plates. Due to the reaction, lead sulfate deposits on the plates. The process is sulfation, and it discharges the battery from time to time. Eventually, the battery loses its charge on its own. The intensity of the self-discharge process increases for numerous reasons. Most often, this is when you leave the battery without charging.

Tips to Get Your Car ready for winter

Here are some tips that you can follow to prevent a car’s battery from draining out due to chilly weather:

·       Park in the Garage

When you park your car in an open area during winters, cold temperatures will affect the battery’s electrolytes. Instead, park your car in a garage. You can use any location with a warm temperature to keep your car’s battery from freezing. When the electrolyte freezes, it affects the performance of the battery by slowing the chemical reaction.

·       Block Heater

Batteries cannot tolerate harsh weather conditions and lose the ability to function. To keep your car warm and battery long-lasting, cover up your car or park it in a warm location. However, if you have no warm location to park your car in Minneapolis, MN, use a block heater. Block heaters will warm up your car by heating the engine.

Common Signs of Battery Failure during winters

Most of the time, your car does not encounter any signs of battery failure, but it drains out quickly. At the same time, you may experience some of these common signs indicating that your battery’s life is almost over:

  • Lights becoming dim
  • You start to smell sulfur or rotten eggs
  • The swollen or cracked battery case
  • Car accessories start to fail.
  • The horn starts to sound weird.
  • Your headlight turns yellow from white.


If you live in Minneapolis, MN, then you should visit Parents Autocare before winters for pre-inspection. They will check all car parts that might encounter problems during winter. After close inspection, their professional team will solve these problems so your battery can last longer. However, if you encounter any of the above signs indicating battery failure, you should contact Parents Autocare for further assistance.