If you have to fill the air up in your tire weekly, chances are there is a leak somewhere in the tire. Locating the air leak quickly can help prevent the issue from getting worse. It may also help prevent a possible flat tire. If you notice that one of your tires is slowly leaking air, you can look at several things so you can confirm this. You can also bring your vehicle in so we can inspect it over for you.


If you check the air pressure regularly, you can notice when there may be a distinct drop in the tire. The amount of air in the tire should be what is recommended in you vehicles owner’s manual. If you find that you have to re-inflate the tire more frequently, it is time to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect the tire.


Make sure to carefully examine the entire tread of your tire. Also inspect the sidewalls of the tire. When you inspect the tire, look for any cuts, cracks, splits, or objects that may have become embedded in the tread or the side of the tire. If you notice any marks or cracks on the tire, take a white china marker and circle any of these possible trouble spots. Bring your vehicle in and we can look at the tires and the areas circled to see what the issue may be.


While you re-inflate the tire, listen for a high-pitched hiss that signals air leaving the tire at any trouble spots. You can also feel for any air leaving the tire. This is especially noticeable where the leak is large. Having to re-inflate the tire on a frequent basis may indicate there are multiple leaks, or the leak is large.


If you notice low tires and are unaware of where the leak may be coming from, try using bubbles. Take any kind of spray cleaner or window cleaner and spray around the tire. You should cover 1/6 of the circumference at a time. Where the bubbles start showing is a sign of an air leak. You can also circle the areas where the bubbles are with a china marker. No matter what issue you notice with your vehicle, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you. This can help you to have a safe and reliable ride again.