the lights

As the lights for the vehicle get inspected, there are several things that should be checked. Make sure that the headlights are in the best condition and can illuminate the road in front of you. If you cannot see clearly, there is an increase chance of an accident occurring. Remember to help ensure that the lights are operating efficiently, bring the vehicle in for an inspection. That way we can check the headlights, taillights, and blinkers of the vehicle. This will improve the safety for you, your passengers, and those around you as well.

Check the lights for your car

Always make sure that the headlights are positioned so they illuminate the road straight in front of you. Check to ensure they are not too high or too low either. If they are, they will need to be adjusted. Make sure that the lights illuminate from ditch to ditch. If you cannot see one, then they are not positioned correctly either. Most importantly, the lights should not be aimed at vehicles that are in the next lane or oncoming traffic. If this happens, then the driver will have impaired vision and the safety of everyone decreases. Remember to also make sure that the fog lights, and the brights work too. No matter what type of weather you drive in, you will want to make sure the lights work.


Remember when you check the headlights, and to also take the time and check the turn signals of the vehicle. You can do this by parking the car and turning on one of the signals. Walk around the car to ensure the front and back are both working. Then turn the other signal on and do the same. If there is an issue with the blinkers, contact us for an appointment. We can inspect the lights, bulbs, and fuses for the vehicle to help ensure it is working efficiently. Anytime there is an issue with how the lights or blinkers work, make sure it is inspected. This not only improves your safety, but also the safety of others. Doing so will improve your drive this summer.