Check your Vehicle this Summer

Coolant is the liquid in your radiator that helps your vehicle to keep cool. It cools your engine down while your vehicle is running. It is a needed liquid in order to keep your engine and vehicle functioning properly. Without the coolant in your vehicle, your engine may become damaged. This makes for a higher repair bill, as well as running the risk of other parts of your vehicle becoming damaged.

Why it is important for your vehicle?

The coolant is beneficial for the engine of your vehicle. Without it, your engine will overheat, causing more damage and a costly repair bill. It can also help to prevent your vehicle from freezing up in the winter when it is cold out. By going to regularly scheduled maintenances, you can help make sure the level is at the proper amount. We can also inspect it over for any wearing parts or components that might be leaking. This can help have your vehicle running as efficient as possible.
Check the Coolant Level

The easiest way to check the level is to look at the reservoir and see if the liquid reaches up to the line that says full. To check and add the coolant you will have to open the cap of the radiator itself. It is always important to know to add coolant to an engine that has had the chance to cool down. If you add it to a hot engine you have the possibility of being burned or even cracking the engine block. Also do not open the caps when the engine is hot because coolant may be ejected from the pressure and may cause burns. If you notice that the temperature gauge starts to go up while driving, it may be an indication that the coolant may be low. After the engine has had a chance to cool, check the level and add more coolant as necessary.