Too many pothole strikes can be incredibly dangerous for vehicles, no matter how strong and durable they are. That said, spotting the wear and tear caused by potholes can be quite difficult, as it isn’t visible most of the time. This is why experts recommend inspecting your car as soon as it hits too many potholes to prevent further damage down the line. If you face difficulty spotting the damage, consider getting a reliable auto repair company to check your vehicle.

Inspecting Your Car for Pothole Damage

Here is a list of some signs that indicate pothole damage in vehicles.

Low Tires

If your tires are too low, there is a good chance that they are about to pop or burst. If you don’t take this issue seriously, your tires may go through further damage, so much so that it could be irreparable.

Excessive Vibrations while Steering

Whether you are driving your car at slow or high speeds, vibration is never a good sign. It is a clear indicator that your wheel has taken too much damage and could go out of balance any time. Once again, you would be wise to get an experienced auto repair professional to take care of this issue before the condition of your wheel gets worse.

Sidewall Bulges

If your tire’s sidewall has bulges, you may need to take it to a repair service right away. These bulges are formed because of an excessive amount of pothole strikes. The good news is that you won’t have any trouble spotting this issue, as it will only take a few minutes.

Unusual Noises

Sometimes cars tend to make strange noises even if it hasn’t endured pothole strikes. This is a huge red flag, which is why you must thoroughly check your car to avoid long-term damage.

Dashboard Lights

If your car hits potholes too many times, its dashboard may stop functioning properly. Often times, the dashboard light tends to switch open randomly, which is a clear indicator of pothole damage. You will especially notice this issue if your car took a nosedive into a large pothole.

The Car is out of Balance

Your car should not pull left or right when driving in a straight direction. In case your car isn’t moving in the direction you want it to, its tires and suspensions may have endured a lot of wear and tear due to pothole strikes.


Avoiding potholes is almost impossible. However, you must keep an eye out for them to minimize damage. It would also help if you got your car inspected from professionals regularly to ensure it remains in excellent condition for a long time.