Storing a classic car does need a few different requirements than a regular car. There are some things you do now, before you need to put the car away for the winter months. Select a dry and dark location for storage. The best flooring should be concrete, as it helps to keep away moisture. If your vehicle is stored on a dirt floor, you should put a plastic barrier under it. Make sure to place carpet pieces or plywood under the tires of the vehicle as well. You can fill the fuel tank so it is topped off. When the fuel tank is less than full, air gets in. This causes moisture to form and contaminate the fuel. You will also want to remember to change the oil and oil filter before putting away the vehicle. This can also help to make your vehicle ready for the next time you drive.

Classic Car Storage

When storing your vehicle over the winter, you will want to keep insects and vermin out of the vehicle. One way to help prevent this is to put baking soda refrigerator packages in the trunk or interior of the vehicle. You can also put a plastic bag over the exhaust pipes and air inlet. These can also be covered with aluminum foil. You can place mothballs in the tailpipe of the vehicle as well as around the outside of it too. I you have the vehicle in storage, place it up on jack stands. This will help to avoid flat spots on the tires. Before leaving it, make sure to close all of the windows.


By taking proper care of your vehicle as you put it away, it will stay in the best condition possible. This way you will be able to keep it in prime condition, as well as improve the longevity of it as well. Always keep your classic car in the best condition.