A spare tire is important for the vehicle in an emergency. If you tire becomes flat or damaged, the spare tire is what you will need to use to keep your vehicle moving on the road. If the spare is flat, then you will have to wait until your vehicle can be towed. The spare tire will also need to be inspected when the other tires are checked as well. Doing so will help ensure that it is also in the best condition it needs to be if you drive on it. Make sure that the spare has the correct amount of air pressure in it. If it is low, you will not be able to use it for your vehicle.

Regular inspections

The tires will need to be inspected on a regular basis for your vehicle. When the tires are inspected, the air pressure and tread wear will also be check for it. If a tire is low on air frequently, you will want to have it inspected as soon as you can. This way we can find the source of the issue. Sometimes an air leak can be from the valve stem or rims of a tire. When a tire has become old and worn, it will also have an increased chance of an air leak.

Checking the Spare Tire

We can also inspect the spare tire during this same time. You will want it to be in the best and most reliable condition for your vehicle if you need to use it. Also make sure that the spare is easy to access and can be taken out easily. You will want to make sure you can remove it from any holding bracket. When you drive on it, make sure to not drive more than 50 miles per hour on it. The spare tire should also not be driven over 50 miles in distance as well. If you drive over either of these, you increase the chance of damage being done to the tire.