Wide-out yellow snowplows are often a welcome sight, clearing snow and making roads safer for the public. However, if you get too close to one, you could be asking for trouble. Drivers need to give big snowplow machines good enough room to work.

Every winter season, there are incidents of cars colliding with these large snowplow machines. Close calls are also not uncommon, and many drivers nearly get into fatal accidents in attempts to drive past the snowplow.

Why can Snowplows cause Damage?

Snowplows are usually giant trucks that have an elongated plow mounted in front of them. While traveling on a snowy surface, they often leave behind a cloud of snow. This cloud trails behind the snowplow and blinds oncoming vehicles that get too close from behind.

Once blinded, the cars are unable to see the blades grounded in the front. This is why there have been many instances of cars tossing and turning over after being hit by the plows. It is important to respect the slow-moving snowplows and let them move at their own pace.

Keeping a Distance is Key

If you want to avoid snowplow collisions, it is best to keep a safe distance from them. There are many reasons why keeping a distance from them is your best bet. When driving at a distance, you are away from their blind spot. This includes the areas around the machine where the driver’s view is blocked.

Even with the help of side mirrors, drivers will usually be unable to view the cars close to them if they are in the blind spot. The bigger the vehicle, the larger the blind spot area, and snowplows are usually large trucks. This means that a truck can possibly switch lanes and make sudden turns unknowingly, putting you at serious risk.

Drive Around From the Left Side

Before you decide to take the risk of passing the snowplow, keep in mind that the machine will not continue blocking the traffic for a hundred kilometers, and they will stop every few miles. Therefore, passing around them is unnecessary and dangerous. It may save you a little time, but it can also put your life in plenty of danger.

However, if you have committed to passing them, make sure to check whether the road ahead of them is in drivable condition. The snowplows are there to clear out the road ahead, which implies that the road ahead is not in the best condition. Once you have confirmed that the road ahead is safe, make sure to drive around the left side of the plow truck while maintaining a safe distance. The right side is usually the one where the snow is gushing out from, so you do not want to be blinded.

Overall, snowplow drivers are there sacrificing their lives and time to make the roads safer for you and your family. To be respectful, the best you can do is to give them room to do their job peacefully.