The battery is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Without the battery, the vehicle cannot operate or even start. One of the most important things to be aware of is the age of the battery. Most batteries can last from two to five years, depending on what driving conditions you have. If you have had the same battery for more than five years, it may be time to replace it. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can test the battery to see how the charge is. Noticing problems with how the vehicle starts can indicate that the battery is starting to go out. There can also be other signs of a poor battery. If these symptoms become present, bring the vehicle in as soon as you can, and we can help to inspect the battery.

The Battery light illuminates on the dashboard

One of the most obvious signs that the battery is wearing out is by the warning light. If the battery light illuminates on the dashboard, it is an indication that there is an issue with the battery. If the warning light starts to flash, make sure to pull over as soon as you can. A flashing light can mean that the battery is dying and may go out at any moment. We can inspect the vehicle and the battery for the condition it is in. We can also make sure the connection to the battery is secure. Sometimes it may seem like the battery has died, but it is just poor connectivity. We can also inspect the posts and terminals of the battery. The battery should be free of any dirt, debris, and corrosion build up. This can also reduce the life and condition of the battery.

Vehicle has issues starting

A sign that the battery is starting to die is if the vehicle has trouble starting or does not start at all. When turning the key to attempt to start the vehicle, you might hear a noise that sounds like clicking. This is an indication that the battery is dead. If you do not hear a clicking noise, it may be the starter or alternator of the vehicle. Try to start the vehicle by the use of jumper cables. If the vehicle still will not start, it is the battery. If the vehicle does start, make an appointment to bring it in. We can inspect the battery and other components of the vehicle for the source of the issue for it not starting. This way you can help be provided with a reliable ride again.

Issues with the electrical system

Be aware of the electrical system of your vehicle. This includes the headlights, radio, and heating system. When a battery starts to go dead, the electrical accessories will decline in function while the vehicle is running. The more electrical items that are running, the harder it will be to start the vehicle. It will also be more difficult to keep it running. If you notice weak electrical appliances, turn off the ones you do not need, such as the radio or seat heaters. This can help the battery last as long as possible.