Severe weather can happen instantly, especially as you travel. Make sure to always be aware of the weather where you are driving. If there is a chance for severe storms, then some lights showers may turn into something more serious. When driving, turn the radio to a local station, then weather updates can keep you informed for what the weather is or might turn into. No matter what the conditions are, the weather can always change.

Severe weather when driving

When it starts raining, make sure to turn on the lights for the vehicle. As it gets darker, and harder to see, you will need the lights for proper visibility. It also helps other drivers to see your vehicle. Having the best visibility and seeing all of the road will decrease the chance of an accident happening. Along with the lights, turn on the windshield wipers as well. Even if it is only raining just slightly, the will be able to clear away the rain from your view. As it rains harder, make sure the wipers speed is increased as well. When the rain becomes too heavy to see, pull off the road and wait until the storm passes over. It is not worth the risk to drive through if the visibility is impossible.


Remember to be aware of any severe weather like tornados or strong winds. Never out run or drive alongside a tornado. Make sure keep aware of the weather and driving conditions. Also notice if there has been heavy rains in an area before driving on the road. This can cause flash flooding. When the roads are even slightly covered in water, you will not know how deep it is. Even an inch of water can cause a loss of handling and driving the vehicle. By being aware of the roads and weather, you can stay safe this summer.