regular maintenance


During the summer, it can be easy to forget about the necessary tasks you need to do for your vehicle. With the nice weather and warm temperatures, you can be quick to forget about regular maintenance. Actually though, the summer can do more damage to your vehicle because of the heat and the sun. When the battery starts to go out, it can be caused by the heat and humidity of summer. The heat will zap more from the battery than the cool air does. So make sure that you bring the vehicle in if you notice that the vehicle is becoming difficult to start.

Following the Schedule

Following the maintenance schedule is important. This helps to ensure that the vehicle is operating the best that it can be. When there is anything out of the norm, make sure to bring it to our attention. We can inspect the vehicle and the source of the problem as well. This will help your vehicle to be safe and reliable when you would need to drive. A decrease in maintenance care means a decrease in safety for your vehicle as well.

Regular Maintenance for the oil

The oil and other fluid levels should be inspected for the vehicle. Having them changed on a regular basis helps keep everything operating efficiently and correctly. If the oil becomes old, it can cause damage as it moves through the engine. It may also lead to the engine seizing up if there is no longer oil in it. Always be aware if your vehicle is leaking oil, because this can become costly if you always have to replace the oil. Noticing an oil leak can also help prevent further damage from occurring to other parts of the vehicle as well. We can also advise you when other fluids should be changed or flushed. Doing so can help improve the longevity for your vehicle.