Always remember kids and pets should never stay in a vehicle when it is off. The vehicle can warm up quickly to dangerous heat levels in a matter of minutes. One example is if the temperature outside is 85 degrees, the interior of the vehicle can become over 100 degrees. This can also happen in as little as ten minutes. If the outdoor temperature is higher, then the interior temperature will rise higher and quicker as well. It is always best to get into the habit of checking the backseat when you leave the vehicle. Taking a few extra seconds to open the door and check for children or pets is well worth it. Even if you have to run into a store quick, always take them with you to help prevent an avoidable accident.

Remember Kids and Pets

Kids and pets should never be left in a hot car, no matter what the weather. Even parking in the shade will still result in the vehicle becoming hot and dangerous. The vehicle will heat up quickly because it acts like a greenhouse. As the sun comes through the windows, it becomes trapped as heat in the car. This will then heat up the seats and dashboard of the vehicle. They will radiate heat as well, which only adds to the warmth in the car. Windows up will also mean there is no air circulation happening. As the temperatures rise, so will the interior of the vehicle.


Another tip to help remember anything in the back seat is to place work related things there. This could be your lunch or briefcase. Opening the door to grab it will also alert you to any children, pets, or items that need to be taken out. By double checking the backseat, you can be certain that everything is fine and you are not forgetting anyone.