No matter how new, or what type of vehicle you have, regular maintenance is needed. This is because we can inspect and tune up the parts and components of your vehicle. The vehicle is important to stay up to date on maintenance inspections so it is always operating efficiently for you. If you are not sure when the vehicle should have maintenance and safety checks done, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on the correct schedule for your vehicle. Always be aware if you notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle. This can include odd noises or sounds that you might here. By having the issue fixed at the first sign, you can help prevent further issues from forming.

Proper Oil changes

You will want to make sure that the oil is changed based on the recommended maintenance schedule. We can provide you with this schedule, or you can look for the manufacturer’s recommendation. This will help to ensure that the clean new oil can lubricate the engine and moving parts of your vehicle. Over time the oil will become old and will have pollutants in it. This will need to be replaced regularly with the fresh clean oil.

Maintenance for windshield wipers

Also remember to check the windshield wipers. These are easy to forget about, but they are very important. If the windshield wipers are in poor condition, they will not be able to clean the windshield efficiently. The windshield wipers should be free of any rips, tears, or damage that they might have. Having the best visibility you can is important, so make sure that the windshield wipers can clean the windshield for you. If you notice damage, make sure to change the windshield wipers as soon as possible.

Inspect everything

You should also be aware for the parts under the hood. The battery should be inspected to ensure that it can keep charge when you drive. If you notice the vehicle is becoming more difficult to start, the battery could cause it. There is also the chance that the alternator has an issue, so you will want to make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it.