To help reduce the chance of your vehicle overheating during the summer, you will want to make sure that it is always properly maintained. Anything out of the norm should be a sign of an issue happening to it. During the summer, the hot temperatures can increase the risk of the vehicle overheating. If the cooling system of your vehicle is not operating and functioning correctly, it can lead to serious damage. This damage can be costly and time consuming to fix the engine and radiator.

Reduce issues by checking the coolant

The coolant should be inspected regularly for your vehicle. The cooling system will need this in order to keep the temperature of the engine to a normal level. If there is a coolant leak, then it will not circulate properly to cool the engine. There may also be an issue with a blockage or pump issue as well for the cooling system. If you start to suspect an issue, it could be the thermostat as well. The purpose of the thermostat is to regulate the amount of coolant that flows through the engine. If the vehicle starts to overheat, then the thermostat may be broken or start failing.


The oil of the vehicle can also help keep your vehicle cool. Not only does the oil help lubricate the moving parts, but it also removes extra heat from the engine. If the oil for the vehicle is low or not in the best condition, it may cause the vehicle to run hot and overheat. Also remember to check the radiator fan for the vehicle. If it is not on or running properly, the vehicle will be quick to overheat. This results in not enough cool air flow for your vehicle when it operates. If you notice any sign of the vehicle overheating, make sure to schedule an appointment with us as soon as you can.