When you drive, make sure that you can always see all the way around you. Having the best visibility will increase your safety when you drive. Make sure that the windshield is clear, and free of any damage. This should include checking for any cracks, chips, or divots that can happen to the windshield. As a vehicle passes you, rocks or other debris can chip the windshield. If you ignore these issues, it will lead to something more serious in the long run. The crack can expand the length of the windshield. If this happens, then a windshield replacement may be needed.

Windshield should be Clean

You will want the windshield to always be as clean as possible. To help accomplish this, you will want the windshield wipers to be in the best condition. If they are starting to show signs of damage, the best thing to do is to replace them. You will want to make sure to get the right size needed for your vehicle. This way, the windshield will be clear of any debris. Also remember that if you are driving and need to use the windshield wipers, then the lights of your vehicle should be on as well. This will help others to see you when the conditions are less than ideal.

Washer Fluid

The windshield washer fluid should also be topped off. If there is debris or road grime that is hard to remove, using the washer fluid with the windshield wipers will help to remove it. Also, if there are specks or marks on the windshield, using the washer fluid will make sure that the wipers can remove it fully. This will help you to have the best visibility, and view of the road ahead of you when you drive.