In the winter, you will want to make sure that your vehicle is clean and clear of all snow, ice, and frost. If you do not, then the visibility when you drive will be impaired. This will also make for a more difficult and unsafe drive for you and those around you. If you are not able to see traffic around you, there is an increased chance of an accident occurring. You might turn a corner or switch lanes and not notice someone beside you. It is also important to have your vehicle maintained and inspected regularly. This will help to improve the efficiency and performance of the vehicle as well.

Clear the Windshield

Before you drive, make sure that you allow enough time so you can completely clear off the vehicle. You will want to remove any snow or ice from the windshield. Also remember to clear off each window of the vehicle as well. This should also include the rear windshield. Remember to brush off the hood, roof, and trunk of your vehicle as well. This is so any snow or ice chunks will not dislodge and hit another vehicle by you. If it hits them, it can cause an accident or impair their vision as well. Snow from the hood can also blow up on your windshield, resulting in poor visibility or a buildup as well. When the snow builds up, it can become ice and decrease your vision.

Use Defrost

You can also start your vehicle so it can warm up. This will help if you turn the defrost on to warm up the windshield. Doing so will also help the vehicle to warm up faster. If you let it run while you scrape the windows, your vehicle should be ready to drive once you are done. This helps keep you warm and comfortable as well.