An emergency summer kit for your vehicle will help incase an unexpected breakdown happens. The last thing you want is to not be prepared for any situation. One thing to include in the emergency kit is a small first aid kit. These can be found already pre made at almost any store. This will come in handy incase you or any passengers get a scrape or cut.

Jumper Cables in the Emergency Kit

In the emergency kit also remember to have jumper cables. If the battery goes dead, you will need these in order to jump your vehicle. The battery can be drained if you leave the lights on or if the door is not shut properly. If you are away from your vehicle for a length of time, you will come back to a car that will not start. Also make sure that you know how to use the jumper cables. This will prevent any accidents or damage to the battery or yourself. If the battery is not jumped correctly, it can cause the battery to explode.


The emergency kit should also contain a flashlight and extra batteries for it. This way you will be able to see and find anything in the vehicle or even outside. If you have to look under the vehicle, having a flashlight will be beneficial. Also remember to have a jack, wrenches, and a spare tire. If the vehicle has a flat tire, replacing it with the spare is a quick and easy task so you can at least get back home. It will also be beneficial to have a bottle or two of water in the kit as well. This way you can stay hydrated, or if you need to rinse your hands quick there is water. If you have passengers, there should be at least one bottle for each of them. By having an emergency kit in the vehicle, you will prepare for any issues.