Keeping your vehicle cool will help you to have a more enjoyable road trip or vacation this summer. By bringing the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections, we can inspect it. Having the fluids, coolant, and radiator checked on a regular basis can help keep the vehicle working efficiently. You can check the owner’s manual for the appropriate schedule of services for the vehicle. If there is an issue with the vehicle between visits, you can also bring the vehicle in for an appointment.

Keep it Cool

On a regular basis this summer, you will want to make sure that you check the fluid levels of your vehicle. By doing so, you can help ensure that the vehicle does not overheat or have issues. If you are driving and your vehicle starts to overheat, the first thing to do is turn off the air conditioner. When you do this, the vehicle can start to decrease the chance of it overheating. Be aware of the temperature gauge and make sure it does not get all the way to the red. If it gets this far, then the vehicle will be more likely to overheat and cause damage.

Check the Coolant

You will also want to check the coolant level in the vehicle. If it is too hot, then you can risk a burn when you remove the cap for the radiator. You will want the vehicle to sit and cool down without the engine running. If you notice that the coolant is always low, it can indicate a leak somewhere. Make sure to contact us so you can bring the vehicle in and have it inspected. If there is a leak, we will make sure to replace the parts so the vehicle can work efficiently again for you as you drive this summer.