During the cold winter months your car will go through a lot. The temperatures and the winter weather can take a toll on the vehicle. The first thing to inspect is the battery. This will help to ensure your vehicle will be more efficient for starting. You will want to start your vehicle a few minutes before you drive. This allows all the fluid to warm up and become more able to lubricate the moving parts of the vehicle. Not only does this help the oil, but it helps to warm up brake fluid, transmission fluid, as well as others. If the fluid level is low make sure to top it off so the vehicle is in the best operating condition it should be.

The cold temperatures

Cold temperatures can also cause issues when you drive. If you hit something hard like a snow drift or curb, and your car is cold, it can break or crack various parts. This is why it is also important to slow down and approach objects carefully. The cold temperatures can make the care more brittle more prone to damage. When you start your car before driving, you can also help it to warm the interior of the vehicle as well.

Check air pressure

When the temperatures drop, the air pressure in the tires can as well. Make sure to check the tires before you drive. Driving on tires with low air pressure can cause them to be more prone to blow out. It can also do damage to the rims and overall condition of the tires. The tires lose more air in the winter than they do during the summer months. Also remember to check the spare tire of the vehicle if it has one. If a tire is leaking air often, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you this winter.