The history of the car heater goes all the way back to 1893. The inventor of this was Margaret A. Wilcox. She was one of the first women inventors and mechanical engineer. After being born in Chicago, IL she went on the experiment and patent the heater. This was an experimental invention that turned out to be one of the most valuable ones. Besides a car heater, she also invented a combined clothes and dishwasher machine.

History of the Heater

The heater of the vehicle is like a radiator that is used to heat the cabin of the vehicle. The hot coolant from the vehicle’s engine is then passed through a tube and exchange heat between the coolant and cabin air. By warming the air, then the interior of the vehicle and cabin can become warm as well. The water valve heating system contains a matrix of sorts. It is a small radiator that takes the hot water from the engine. It then mixes with the incoming air until it is warmed. This makes it able to be heated constantly. As the temperature control opens and closes, it will help blend the heated air with the colder outside air.


If you start to notice that the heater is not working correctly for your vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. Without it working properly, you and your passengers will be cold. With a heater working correctly, you can ride in comfort. You will want to also check the defroster for your vehicle. The front and rear windshield defroster should be working properly. This will help to warm up the windows when there is frost or ice build up on them. Always remember to scrape the windows fully so you have the best visibility possible when you are driving this winter. This should include side windows and mirrors as well.