headlightsHeadlights are important to the visibility when you drive. The purpose of car lights is to make sure that others see your car. Secondly, it is also to see others and have a clear vision of the road. Thirdly, lights also help others, such as pedestrians, know what you are going to do. Your car has different lamps on the front, rear, and sides, and each serves any of the three purposes.

With the onset of winters, you will have to rely on your car lights more than ever as nighttime duration will significantly increase. This is why you will have to prioritize maintenance measures targeted towards the car’s lights. This will help make sure that you do not put yourself in risky situations because of faulty lights.

Replace Your Headlights

Like all components in your car, headlights can be subject to wear and tear after use. If you feel that your headlight is not as bright as it once was, you may be looking at a headlight replacement.

To determine that you really need a replacement, make sure to have your car checked by a certified technician.

Often the headlight can be in good condition, but the car’s wiring is at fault. If you find out that the headlights have run past their prime and need replacement, you can do so without the need of a professional.

Things to Consider When Replacing them

Your car headlights are easily replaceable. If you take a glance, you will find a clip that you can reach in and open. After you figure out how to open the clip, you can go ahead and locate the bulb that needs replacement. Once you do so, make sure that you turn the headlights off from inside your car.

Before you take the bulb out, make sure that the new one is ready. Another thing that you need to be careful of when getting headlights is the bulb type.

Make sure that the bulb you purchase has the right specifications for your car. Another thing about light bulbs that is interesting is that the brightest ones have the shortest life. Thus, if you want really bright headlights, then you will have to compromise on life.

Aim and Adjust the lights

It is not uncommon that when you replace your car’s headlights with new ones, you find that its beam patterns are misaligned. However, you can align the aim of the headlights by simply using a tape measure, masking tape, and a screwdriver.

Not to mention, you will need a large blank space on which you will have to shine the beam of the car and make the adjustments with a screwdriver.

To ensure safe commutes in the harsh winter weather, make sure that your headlights are functioning fine, with responsive, high beams, dipped lights, and fog lights.