Having frozen car doors is something that you will find all too common during the winter months. There will more than likely be a few days where you go to get into your car, only to find out that the doors have frozen shut. There are some tips and tricks you can do to get into your car quicker. One of the first things to remember is not to pull or yank on the door handle too hard. This can cause the handle to break off of the door. You will want to be carefully when trying to get the handle free of any snow or ice.

Frozen Car Door

Once the handle is free of any ice or snow, you will then want to get the door unfrozen. The best way to do this is to gentle hit or push the door around the edges. Then you can push and pull gently back and forth. This should help to break the seal of ice when it is frozen shut. Once it is loose, you can grab around the edges to help pull or pry the door open. You will also want to be careful when doing this as well, so you do not rip or peal off the rubber seal of the door frame. If this is damaged, your vehicle may have an increased chance of cold drafts or water leaks.


You can also take an ice scraper and scrape the ice that may be around the door. This can help loosen the door as well. If you have any sort of deicer, this can also help to get the door opened when it is frozen shut. If one door is frozen shut, make sure to try the others, as sometimes one may not be. You can then get into your vehicle through that door, and help open the stuck one from the inside.