Driving and following the laws is always recommended to help increase the chance for a safe and reliable ride. You will want to make sure that you are familiar with all the laws, and what they will exactly mean for you. By not following one, you will increase your chance of being pulled over and getting a ticket. There are several laws to follow. These can range from laws as you drive to things to be aware of for you and your passengers.

New Laws that will Happen

One of the new laws that will be happening this summer will affect how you use your cell phone. With hands free law, you will not be able to hold your phone to talk, text, swipe on it, or use it as a GPS. You will need to keep the phone out of the way so you do not use it as a distraction as you drive. An option is that you can mount the phone in a bracket that stays on the dashboard or windshield. This allows you to see it, and access it by one touch. No matter if you use the phone as a GPS or you are expecting a phone call, this is beneficial. You will also want the phone to have Bluetooth availability. This will also require you to have a hands free earpiece.


The most important thing to do is to have a basic understanding of the laws. Remember that since you cannot hold your phone, to be prepared for the drive ahead. If you plan on using the phone as a GPS system, set it up before you begin to drive. This will not only make it legal, but you will be ready for your drive without any needed distractions along with it. You can have a safe and reliable ride!