With all the new regulations and recommendations right now, you will want to always see what is recommended. If you are staying or working from home, you might be anxious to get out. Make sure to always maintain social distancing to prevent the transfer of any germs. One way to get out of the house is to drive around. Taking a nice causal drive can provide many benefits. You will be able to enjoy the nice spring weather as you drive. Even during all these new rules, you will want to be aware of your vehicle. If it is making any odd noises or sounds, make sure to contact us.


If you are out driving around casually, or going to and from work, you will want your vehicle to be reliable as well as safe. Keep maintaining an inspection schedule for it, and when the oil needs to be changed. At some point, you will probably need to drive to the store to pick up groceries, so you will want the vehicle to make it there and back safely for you. Also it is recommended to call ahead to see when the hours are that they will be open, since so many businesses have been affected. Also, make sure to read our Covid-19 noticeā€¦



Thank you, and stay healthy!