If you are a car owner with plenty of commuting requirements in the summers, then you must adhere to some driving habits. These will allow you to be safe and sound under the summer heat. They also ensure the well-being of your car in some of the most hostile temperatures of the world.

Summers are an exciting time of the year. However, to people that have to cover car miles, it can be gruesome and threatening. Below are some of the methods that can make your summer driving experience worthwhile.

Open Windows and not the AC when Driving Slowly

The most preferable choice for withstanding the heat is to blast the air conditioner in your car. However, when cruising at a slow and steady speed, the better choice is in fact, rolling down the windows instead of the air conditioner.

Why is this so? Well, the air conditioner inside cars tends to burn plenty of gas when you are driving at a lower speed. This is mostly because the air conditioners efficiency correlates to the running of the engine.

Therefore, when the engine is running slow and the air conditioner is working at full capacity, you are likely to max out the gas average. Alternatively, if you are accelerating down the highway, then you will benefit from increasing the air conditioning very high.

Open the Gas Lid to Let the Gas Out

If you hear a hissing gas release sound when you open the lid then it is no reason for you to panic. You instead, may benefit from letting it out every occasionally during the summers. As you drive, the fuel in the gas tank pumps out of the tank, leaving to air to enter the vacant space.

This creates a pressure difference between them. When you open the gas lid, you create the balance by letting out the compressed air inside. Another reason why gas accumulates inside the tank compartment is the environmental moisture entering into your car.

AC Alternatives

In some parts of the states, the temperatures can rise to extremely hot levels. So much so that even the air conditioner fails to provide sufficient cooling. In these occurrences, the best thing to do is to resort to the old conventional ways of dealing with the heat.

Back when air conditioning in the car was still a luxury, people used bucket of ice blocks and put it inside the vehicle. If you have long miles to cover in the heat without air conditioning, then investing in ice and placing them under the vents is life saving.

You can also use the ice compartment to keep refreshing drinks and water so that they stay cool and you get to beat the heat. Therefore, make it habitual to stock your car with refreshing cold beverages and water throughout the summer.

Summers can be a difficult time to drive your car. Picking up on habits mentioned above will help you from the tormenting heat, and keep you cool and collective when driving.