As fall approaches, driving when it is dark out will become more common. Make sure your vehicle is inspected so you can have the safest travel possible. Always bring your vehicle in for regular scheduled maintenances. This way it can run as efficient as possible. Any part that has been worn, damaged, or replaced can be identified before other parts of the vehicle become impaired. When you inspect your vehicle, do not forget to check the headlights and taillights. These are important for your safety so you can see better at night, and that other drivers can see you as well.

Make sure the headlights and taillights work

It is important to check the lights on your vehicle on a regular basis. This includes checking the blinkers, headlights, and taillights. When you check the lights of your vehicle, always make sure to find a safe place to park your vehicle. Then get out to make sure the lights, blinkers, and the parking lights are working properly. If you have a blinker that goes out, it could be dangerous for everyone. Vehicles around you will not know when you are turning, which may lead to an accident. If either taillights or both headlights are out at the same time, other drivers on the road will not be aware of where you are. Make sure that the lights are working properly so it can help prevent an accident for yourself, and those around you. If you experience any issues with the lights of your vehicle, make sure to bring it in as soon as possible. This way we can inspect it over and fix the issue before it becomes something more serious.

Inspect over the windshield

While inspecting the windshield, look for any cracks, breaks, or any other impaled parts of the windshield. This can lead to further issues with the windshield if it is not taken care of in a timely manor. The cracks can impair your vision when you are driving, or even distract you if the mark is large enough. Also make sure to check the windshield wipers for any wear they might be showing. It is a good idea to replace them regularly, so they will be able to keep the windshield as clear as possible when they are needed. Any wiper that shows signs of cracks or breaks should be replaced as soon as possible. This way you can ensure for proper vision of the road when you drive, day or night. Make sure the windshield wiper fluid is at the correct amount in the reservoir as well. Bugs, dirt, and other debris can cause a build up on your windshield that will impair your vision. By keeping the fluid topped off, you can make sure you travel with the most possible.

Keep the tires in good condition

Check the tires on a regular basis. Look for any cracks, cuts or bulges that may be starting to show on the tires themselves. Also make sure the air pressure is at the correct amount specified by the owner’s manual. If you notice you have to fill the tire up frequently, there is a leak somewhere that will need to be fixed. Bring your vehicle in so we can inspect and fix the issue you may have.