During the cold weather and temperatures, you will want to check various parts of the vehicle. You should make sure that everything is running efficiently. One way to help ensure this is to bring it in for regular maintenance inspections. This can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual. If you are still not sure, you can contact us. We can set up a schedule for you so that your vehicle has been properly maintained. During the winter and the cold, there are several things to check more often. You will want to check the air pressure in the tires. As it gets colder, the air pressure will drop. You will also want to check the battery and the charge of it. If it is weak, you will want to get a new battery.

Cold Cranking Amps

Check the cold cranking amps of the battery. This will help to determine how the battery will operate in the winter months. If the charge is less than ideal, you may want to invest in a new battery for the vehicle. Over time, the battery will start to wear down. This can cause issues for your vehicle, especially when you go to start it. If the vehicle is difficult or slow to start, always make sure to schedule an appointment with us. You can help the battery by making sure the radio, lights, and other unnecessary things are turned off when you start it. This allows the battery to send all the power to starting the vehicle.


Also be aware of the condition of the battery. If it is dirty or full of grime, make sure it is gently cleaned off. This will help the connection terminals of the battery and how effective it is. You can also bring in the vehicle, and we can check the battery for you.