Windshield Clearing

In the winter, a foggy windshield full of condensation is typical when you go to start your vehicle. It does not take that long for your defroster to clear it, but if you are in a hurry and already late for work, that extra time waiting can feel like an eternity. And we don’t want you driving around through a half-obscured windows impairing visibility.

Warming up the vehicle to defrost the Windshield

Defrosting, or removing frozen ice from the outside, is important to do before you start to drive. When you clear the windows, use an ice scraper, and never hot water to resolve. Make sure to clear off the whole window, and not just a spot that you can see through. You will also want to make sure to clear off the side windows and mirrors on your vehicle as well. Not only should see in front of you, but you will want your peripheral vision to be the best it can be as well, so that is why the whole windshield should be cleared off.

Remove snow or ice

You will also want to remove any snow or large chunks of ice that might be on the hood or roof of your vehicle. If you ignore it, and it stays on, there is a chance it could impair your vision when you drive. If the windows are warm, and snow flies up from the hood, it could stick on it and cause poor visibility and issues when you drive. In the winter, sometimes the snow that blows up on the windshield will freeze on it almost immediately. The windshield wipers will have to remove the grime and debris on them, so make sure the windshield wipers are in the best condition possible. If you notice an issue with the wipers or any other thing, schedule an appointment. We can check the windshield and other parts for you.