Catalytic ConverterDo you own and drive a Toyota Prius? It is one of the best and most practical cars out there, and it gets you where you want to go with comfort and convenience. However, having a Prius can also be bad for you, since car thieves are now targeting them to steal the catalytic converters from underneath them. All over the US, thousands of catalytic converters are being stolen every month, which is much more than the previous year’s figures.

If you have a Prius or you fear that your converter can be stolen, here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Steps to Prevent Catalytic Converter from Getting Stolen

Let’s have a look at some of the methods that you can apply to keep your catalytic converter from being snagged away from your car.

Locking the Catalytic Converter

Since theft of catalytic converters are on the rise, people are looking for solutions to prevent them from being stolen. One solution is a cable locking system that you can place around your catalytic converter. So even if thieves cut it off or remove bolts, they won’t be able to take it.

Since the catalytic converter is connected to the underside of your car with a few bolts. They can easily be removed to free up the converter. You can get the device welded to the car’s body, so that it becomes impossible to separate it from the car.

Installing Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is always effective for intimidating burglars and car thieves. This helps to keep them from stealing your catalytic converter. If they manage to steal it, you have the surveillance footage. You can give to the police and the insurance company as well. When parking your car outdoors, make sure to park it in a space with sufficient lighting. This makes it difficult for thieves for stealing the catalytic converter from your car. If there isn’t enough lighting, you can add more lights to your driveway.

Parking in Well-Lit Areas

Another wise strategy to prevent catalytic converter theft is to always park your car in well-lit areas. Especially when you are parking them other than your home. You can park it closer to the entrance of the building or to the exit of the parking lot. This is because there is more foot traffic and pedestrians around these areas. If you are leaving your car for a long time, make sure to check up on it every few minutes. You can also park it at a spot with a CCTV camera.

This concludes our guide on how to prevent catalytic converter theft. If you have a car that features these devices, make sure to find out if your make and model is a prime target for thieves. You can start taking these safety measures.