Catalytic Converter

The epidemic encompassing catalytic converter theft is most evident among car owners around the nation. This epidemic is mostly plaguing Prius owners than others. This article will discuss catalytic converter theft. What is it all about? And what you can do to protect your cars.

Catalytic Converter

If you happen to one day start your car and step on the gas just to hear a loud roaring noise coming from the engine. This is a clear indication that your catalytic converter is missing. If you look underneath your car, you find a bulging metallic component sitting along your exhaust tube. This bulging part is a catalytic converter, and in a Prius. This catalytic converter is dense with precious metals that have a very high scrap value.

It takes less than two minute for a thief to squeeze underneath your car and rip out the catalytic converter. All they have to do is cut both ends of the metal pipe, cut the oxygen sensor wire, and take off with a high value catalytic converter. While they enjoy your converter’s scrap money, you are likely to end up with a thousand dollar bill for repair and replacement. This price can increase to 3000 dollars if you drive a Prius.

What You Can Do?

If you are handy with bolting in a piece of metal onto another metal, then you can absolutely install security shields without professional assistance. However, if that is not the case, then it is highly advisable that you take your car to the mechanic or a technician to have the plate properly installed.

Other things you can do involve adopting safe parking habits. You want to ideally look for highly lighted areas, parking garages, covered parking and other supervised spots when looking for parking space. If you do not have any of those options available, make sure that you park your car in busy locations instead of an empty street.

Another installation option in terms of cat security takes shape in the form of converter theft alarms. You can customize an alarm for your car that alerts you whenever the thieves try to impose pressure on the exhaust pipe in order to break it.

Along with installation and parking measures, you can also opt for comprehensive insurance for your car. This insurance option can specially be beneficial for you in the midst of a catalytic converter epidemic.

Out of all these measures, none is better than the other. Abiding to all of them will instead put you at greater chances of protection