Being careful when driving is important for winter because you may encounter black ice. As the temperatures change and get right around freezing, this is when black ice can occur. Typically you will notice this on or under bridges. If you see the road and it looks like there is a reflection on it, more than likely it is black ice. You will want to drive slowly over it, and not apply or stomp on the brakes. Staying calm while driving over the ice is most important.

Air Pressure and Driving Careful

Be aware of the air pressure in each tire for the vehicle. With winter and colder temperatures, you will notice that the air pressure in the tires will decrease more frequently. This is because you can lose one pound per square inch for every ten degree drop in temperature. You will want to be careful and check the air pressure after your vehicle has had a chance to sit for a while. Checking it right after driving can result in a false reading for it. As you check the tires, also look at the tread wear. This can be a quick and easy thing to inspect. Place a penny upside down in one of the grooves. If you are able to see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tread has worn too far.


Winter means you will also want to have the windshield washer fluid topped off. This is necessary for when road grime and debris becomes stuck to the windshield. You will want to always be prepared for anything you might encounter when driving. If you do not have the wiper fluid topped off, then you will not be able to see properly. Always be aware if there is a leak or issue with the fluids under the hood. Being aware can help you be prepared on the road as well.