The cabin filter for a vehicle is important because it helps to keep the air in the cabin clean and pleasant. These filters are used to catch dust, pollen, and other material or pollutants in the vehicle. This is beneficial, especially if you have allergies or other respiratory issues. When you follow the maintenance schedule of the vehicle, you will know what parts should be inspected when. This will help to have an efficiently working vehicle when you drive. You can look in the vehicle owner’s manual when the vehicle should be inspected as well. If you cannot find the schedule, we can also advise you on a schedule.

Cabin filters and Signs of them Failing

The filter should be changed when you start to notice any signs or symptoms of it becoming dirty. If you notice that the air in the cabin of the vehicle is less than ideal, bring the vehicle in. We can inspect it to see if the filter should be changed. Typically you will start to notice that the vents do not blow out as much cold air as they otherwise should. You will notice that the air through the vents is not as powerful and may also be on the warmer side. The horsepower of the vehicle may decrease slightly as well. This is because the engine uses most of the power to operate the fan system to get air through a dirty cabin filter. Anytime you notice the issue, make sure to contact us.


Odd Noises

You may also notice an issue through the vents that include odd noises. If you turn the fan too high, you can get more noise and odd sounds from it. This can indicate that the cabin filter is in need of being replaced. You may also notice bad smells from the vent as well. This can be odors like dirt, dust, or even mold. If there is an odor coming from the vents, you will want to contact us for an appointment.