cabin airMost vehicles that have come into production since the 1990s have a cabin air filter that is very simple to replace. It is so simple that it only takes you about 15 minutes to perform the replacement. Additionally, you sometimes do not even have to use a tool to replace the filters.

If you notice that your car’s heater or cooling system no longer function with the same efficiency, this indicates that your cabin air filter may need replacement. A better indication would however be to examine the air filter for a visual inspection and see whether there is dirt inside the pores.

What is a Cabin Air Filter Made of?

A cabin air filter consists of thin sheets of blended fiber. This fiber helps in trapping all the dirt, debris, and allergens that try to enter into the car’s cabin through the vent system. Overall, these air filters clean the air that you breathe inside the car.

How Often Should You Change Them?

Most vehicle manufacturers will advise car owners to change their cabin air filters after every 12 months or after every 12,000 miles. A good reminder would be to change them every time you need to get your engine oil changed. This is also approximately the same time in which you will change your engine air filter.

Nonetheless, if you live at an environment of high dust or high pollen, then you might even want to increase the frequency at which you would normally change the air filters. Keep in mind that all the air filters are different for every make and model vehicle.

Therefore, make sure that the cabin air filter you buy is one that is suited for your car. If you have an old car, then there is a chance it does not even have a cabin air filter compartment

Cabin air filter Replacements

The cabin air filter is going to be in one of three places. Under the hood, under the dash, or the more common option, behind the glove box. All you have to do is find where your cabin air filter is, and then disassemble the glove box so that it folds down. By doing so, you will have easily gotten to your air filter.

To get a clear idea of how you can pull out the cabin air filter from your specific car, you must look at the owner’s manual to get a better idea. Once you have done that, inspect the air filter, and see whether they are dirty enough for replacement.

If you are someone who will pull out the air filter for the first time, then this means that you will probably need a replacement. When replacing the air filter from an old to a new one, make sure to check the airflow so you know in which direction you have to put the new filter. Before you insert the new filter into the compartment, make sure that you blow out and wipe the dust in the compartment.

Cabin air filter replacements are a fairly easy procedure, yet also very integral. Timely replacements can save you from hefty expenses.