cabin air filter

A cabin air filter should always be maintained. If we talk about the maintenance of different car parts, usually the parts that are widely discussed are brakes, tires, engine, axle, suspension, or filters like engine air filter and oil filter. The oil change, regularly, is also something people put at the top of their car maintenance list. Maintenance for all these car parts is of high importance, and that too for a genuine reason. Maintaining these parts is crucially essential otherwise your car may go through several problems. For example, not changing engine oil for a longer duration can put your car on the risk of an ‘engine cease.’

Tires also lose their grip after the usage for long durations. However, cabin air filters are a part that goes unnoticed by many and isn’t considered as a vital part of the car. An air filter may seem like an insignificant car part, but it has a critical role to play. It filters out all the pollutants and stops them from entering into the passenger compartment. It is the primary car part that maintains an eco-friendly environment in your car’s passenger compartment.

Cabin Air Filter Change

The question of when to change the air filter of your car is something car owners usually ponder upon. Nobody can tell the exact time of getting the cabin air filter of a car replaced. However, people suggest that one should do it after their vehicle has completed 12000 to 15000 miles. This range varies from vehicle to vehicle, but it is safe to say that this is a standard range of mileage to get your car’s cabin air filter replaced. If someone frequently drives on rough terrain or an area that has more dust or sand, they should get their car’s cabin air filter replaced more frequently. Failing to do so may lead to various problems in your car.

Signs it should be Changed

Usually, when you feel like your car is not having a standard flow of air through its climate control system, that is the best time to get your car’s cabin air filter replaced. Frequent bad odors in your car’s passenger compartment indicate that the time has come for a filter replacement. If you need to turn the speed of your car fan at maximum to get proper airflow, and if you are experiencing too much fan noise, you should probably have the filter changed.

How it Affects the AC

The cabin air filter of a car is itself a component of the HVAC system. A clogged filter can have adverse effects on your car AC and can easily cause it to malfunction. The debris deposited with time in your car’s cabin air filter becomes and issue. It can cause the AC to malfunction and allow harmful polluted air to enter into the passenger compartment.

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