buying tires

Buying the right tires for your car is an important job that cannot be overlooked. It is crucial to make the right decision because one tire change can increase and/or decrease fuel efficiency, comfort, tread wear, noise, and many other aspects and completely change your experience.

To know when you are supposed to change your tires is essential for your safety, vehicle’s safety as well as others. We hope this little guide will help you steer in the right direction.


The three significant concerns while replacing or buying new tires should be:

  • Why am I replacing the tires?
  • Why should I replace them?
  • What are the factors I must consider when I’m choosing new tires for replacement?



Since technology has helped make our lives easier, our friendly service providers at Parent’s Autocare will help answer any questions.

  • First things first, make sure you know the size you wish to get for your car. Do not worry if you don’t know your current tire size. The sizes are available on the sidewall.
  • The second thing you must look into is selecting the tires by brands that are recognized. If not worldwide, at least a brand that is famous around you.
  • Then come the model and categories.


The question here should be, how often should I replace my tires? Typically two factors become the reason to replace the tires; age and wear.

Tire Age

The aging occurs when the components of the tire begin to change over time. This happens mostly because of storage conditions and environmental impacts, plus the amount of usage a tire experiences or just by sitting at one place with no use.

Tire Wear

Each tire experiences wear, but every tire experiences in a different way. Tire tread must wear evenly across the entire tire rather than on the outside or inside of it. The wear on the tires happens regardless of how good you are at driving, but yes, it can be accelerated if you do not take care of your tires.

Now that you know all about buying new tires, time for you to hire a professional to get your tires checked for you! Parent’s Autocare works provide you with both experience and expertise to help you keep your tires functional. And you can acquire these services right here in Minneapolis, MN. Let us help you!